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Subject: Fat Boy in the Desert Fat Boy in the Desert by Thole Over the past few days I have been shovelling adobe mud out of the
toilet and shower facility at this Creosote Bush Campground. After a
morning of shoveling I do an afternoon of mowing. lolitas colegialas galleries anal In between I take a
nap and a walk after lunch. Sometimes I take a walk after supper. I'm
working and walking nude of course, and napping nude too for that
matter. Even on the crowded weekends this place is so big I can go
anywhere I want. Mostly I've been carrying my pareu when I walk, it
comes in handy for a pillow when I nap, but this evening, after
shovelling and mowing without it nearby, I decided to go for a walk
without it. This russian teen lolita photo was the second walk of this day, I'll tell you about
the first one maybe in my next letter.So, just me and sandals, out the access road and through the gate,
across the street, into the scrub. I am getting bold. Like a young
deer, or lolicon rape fantasy art a young boy, without a care. I know I will not get caught
and besides, nobody can see me when I'm nude; my skin is almost the
same colour as the rock.I must have been out for half an hour and was totally at peace,
walking slowly along horse trails and dry stream beds, thinking about
my day, what I'm going to show you, where I'll go next. I was in a
deep narrow gully of sharp turns and undercut walls; one of those dry
streams that quickly and quietly become a raging torrent when a
thunderstorm passes by on the range twenty miles away.Boulders made the going difficult, not only the ones I had to climb
over but also the ones jutting out from the walls that were just
waiting to fall and squish me flat. It was coming out from under one
such projection, and rounding a corner from shadow into sun, that I
looked up into a camera just as the shutter clicked, the motor
whirred, and the film ejected.The fat hand that caught it was attached to a fat boy, easily twice
my weight and the same height. (Incidently, I'm down to 132 right
now--about the same as when I got out of highschool.)Our conversation was swift and to the point. The boy had seen me
earlier, when I was momentarily exposed passing some outcropping
higher up and had patiently waited in just the right spot for this
encounter. He was expecting to blackmail me with that picture into
sucking him off right there on the trail. When I made it clear to him
that it mattered not who knew I was hiking nude he changed his tact
and said that if I didn't suck him he would start screaming that I
was trying to rape him and his friends would hear and come running to
his rescue. And besides, he said, I can tell by the looks of you that
you want to suck me anyhow.I would have opted for a smaller boy, a thinner one, maybe a younger
one, but he was right, I was desperate.He was thirteen and russian teen lolita photo in his circle of friends the only one not of the
in crowd. They had some weird club where the initiation was that you
had to get a man to suck you off. I was on my knees now, working the
elastic waist band of his shorts off over his fat rump. He had on no
underwear and his circumcised penis was nearly lost between the folds
of belly blubber and his hairless balls. He grabbed at my head and
pulled himself into my mouth. The day had already cooled somewhat and
the air was very dry so he was not sweaty at all and not unpleasant
smelling. I took a deep breath and commenced to provide the
excitement we each craved.Usually one or more of the others of his club would observe this rite
in secret but he had his camera. He was moaning between words as he
explained all this and went on about how the others would never
believe how he had met this naked man on the trail. Then he let go of
my head and held the camera out so as to capture the proof he needed. -30-

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